Marx of Suspect Healing – a follow up

To follow up on my previous post ( about the leg growing miracle, have a look at this video of Mark Marx performing the wonder on Frances Finn in 2008:

One of the things that struck me about this video as I watched it (over and over again!) is how Frances’ right leg (the one of the left as we see it) is the one which is supposed to grow. However, check the carpet pattern as the miracle proceeds and you’ll notice that relative to the dots on the carpet the right leg doesn’t actually seem to move at all. Now look at the left leg (the one on the right as we look at it) – it certainly does move relative to the carpet – in fact, it appears to shrink. This strikes me as consistent with the shoe on the left foot (right as we look at it) having been loosened slightly and then pushed back on.

Readers will be aware that I have no desire to label Marx as a fraud or trickster. However, he certainly has a case to answer concerning his leg growing “miracles.” In addition to my previous article, here are a few considerations specific to Marx which make me suspicious:

1. The video above where the leg that is grown does not appear to move relative to the carpet pattern.

2. There are two cases I have seen where Marx lengthens the right leg – and in both cases (including the case of Frances Finn above) that leg was specifically identified as problematic. In every other case I’ve witnessed – when Marx himself checks a persons legs to see if one is shorter than the other – it’s the left leg that is shorter. That strikes me as odd. It’s consistent with Marx having a preference for performing the wonder on the left leg – perhaps if he is right-handed?

3. The video I linked to in my previous article is also highly suspicious. It begins with a young lady already seated in front of the audience, and with her shoes removed. Marx says he’s glad she has her shoes off because “sceptics” have charged him and others with manipulating shoes. He adds that he “hopes” she has one leg shorter than the other. Lo and behold, she does! This sounds artificial and staged to my ears.

4. Following from 3 above, it’s highly suspicious that Marx seems to constantly meet people who suffer from this malady. Why is there always a ready supply of people with one leg shorter than the other wherever he goes? Is the condition really as common as that?

5. Before performing the feat, Marx is almost always at pains to make sure that everyone has a good view of this amazing wonder of God that’s about to happen. But, how can he really be so sure that a leg will grow?

6. Many of the volunteers are only diagnosed with the condition when Marx seats them and lifts their legs – they have had no previous diagnosis by a medical professional. Marx himself is not a doctor (I think his previous career was in interior design), he has absolutely no medical authority or expertise to diagnose any orthopaedic condition. Moreover, if you have a look at how orthopaedic experts diagnose this condition you’ll soon discover that it cannot be done simply by seating someone in a chair and holding their legs out towards yourself.

These are just some additional reasons to be very suspicious about what is going on in these leg growing cases.

Whilst I’m highly sceptical of this phenomenon, I’m also fair minded. To that end, should Mark Marx wish to address the issues raised in this and my previous article I would love to hear from him. He is free to comment here – totally unedited and uncensored – if he cares to engage with the issues and questions I have raised.

Stephen J. Graham



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2 responses to “Marx of Suspect Healing – a follow up

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  2. Phil

    What was that passage again about baring false witness?
    Me thinks sky daddy won’t be too pleased.

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