Theodicy Revisited

The wonderful folks at On Religion magazine have published ny most recent article “Theodicy Revisited,” a follow up to my earlier article, “The Drama of Evil.” They have made Issue 14 freely available, so my article can be accessed here:

Have a look at the other articles also and consider subscribing. It’s an excellent magazine with a broad range of opinion.


Stephen J. Graham

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One response to “Theodicy Revisited

  1. Edwardtbabinski

    Will the journal also publish rebuttals along the lines of these to standard theodicies?

    And I would add that the soul making view has less appeal once one realizes that about half of all human zygotes don’t make it, and even young children died half of the time before reaching the age of eight for most of human history. And about 30% of twins come out of the womb as a single person since vanishing twin syndrome is well documented. And all this has been going on for over 100,000 years. So the vast majority of humans never knew about Jesus, Christianity or salvation. And if those young humans that died all went to heaven then there wasn’t very much soul making involved at all, just early death and a shuttle to heaven. You could probably walk around heaven for years without encountering anyone who heard about Jesus in their earthly lives. I am not kidding, because the population bureau estimates that over 100 BILLION humans lived and died before our present era and planet filled with only 7.5 billion.

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