I’m a philosophical theologian from Belfast, Northern Ireland; graduating in Theology and Philosophy from Queen’s University Belfast in 2000.

My main interests lie in the philosophy of religion, in particular: cosmological arguments, the problem of evil, and miracle claims.

I also have a fairly serious Leibniz fetish, and a penchant for the literature of classical Greece from philosophy to tragedy.

I have published a number of research papers and articles, including several papers on forgiveness published by the Centre for Contemporary Christianity in Ireland and a number of other articles for various magazines.

This blog contains articles, some published and others unpublished, and often acts as a sounding board for trying out ideas.

Due to tight restraints on my time I don’t ordinarily enter into debates and discussion here, though I do occasionally if a point of clarification or misunderstanding requires it, or when a rebuttal is worthy of a response.

I almost never respond to comments which are insulting to myself or others, or which question my honesty or integrity.

You can follow me on twitter @sjggraham

NOTE: If it’s your first time commenting, give me a shout on Twitter, as I have to approve first comments and I don’t always sign in to my blog.

6 responses to “About

  1. Dear Stephen, I was just wondering how far ahead you might be with your forthcoming book on miracles. I have my own experience with Mark Marx, and some “interesting” correspondence. Faithfully, Graham (easiest way to reach me is email)

  2. Hi Graham, my book is still in embryonic form, rough chapters and some draft content. I’d be very interested in your experiences. You can get me at sjggraham at hotmail dott com

  3. Big Luke

    hi stephen, i’d like to correspond about this stuff. could you drop me an email? no worries if things are busy. luke

  4. Clay Cosmic

    Stephen, I also would love to occasionally correspond with you. In order to comment, I’ve had to leave my email address, so I hope you can retrieve it. Would love to hear back from you at your earliest convenience. (I looked in vain for your email address to be listed here, or otherwise I’d’ve just emailed you directly.)

    Best wishes always…

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