Areas of Particular Interest

My main area of specialism is philosophy of religion, with my main interests currently the problem of evil and modern miracle claims, particularly claims concerning demon possession.

Philosophy of Religion

Natural Theology

**Cosmological Arguments – particularly the Kalam Cosmological Argument and Leibnizian Contingency Arguments.

Teleological Arguments – particularly the fine-tuning argument

Anthropological Arguments – from the nature of human beings as conscious, free, rational persons with moral obligations.

Natural Atheology

** The Problem of Evil

** Religious Epistemology

** Religious Experience

** Miracles – currently undergoing a major research project into charismatic miraculous claims, particularly healing, tongues, and prophecy.

Philosophy of Mind

The Mind/Body Problem
Dualism & Theism
Free Will & Determinism


Moral Theories


** = Area of Particular Specialism